Historical Overview of Sewing: Students will explore how sewing is used in a variety of crafts and industries and is the fundamental process underlying a variety of textile arts and crafts.

Sewing Machine Basics: Students will learn to identify parts of the machine, how to clean and care for the machine, master machine control by practicing stitch patterns, and how to troubleshoot mechanical problems.

Clothing Alterations/Repair/Repurpose: Using students’ own garments they will learn to fit these to their body type, alter hemlines, repair seams, tighten/replace buttons, and create a new garment/accessory by reconstructing an existing one.

Sewing from a Commercial Pattern:
Students will learn to take their measurements accurately, and translate these to the correctly sized sewing pattern.  They will also be educated on fabric selection, how to calculate necessary yardage, as well as details such as preshrinking and fabric grain.  Simple garments will be created, starting with basic, easy-to-sew designs. 

Charity Sewing: Students will learn the importance of giving back by participating in a community sewing project to benefit a local agency, i.e. Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project and/or a charity sewing event in conjunction with The American Sewing Guild.


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