Gloria’s Gift

Let me take a minute to tell you about a wonderful woman I met named Gloria Horne.  She is the owner of Gloria Horne Sewing Studio located in Castle Shannon, an authorized Babylock Sewing Machine retailer, who also teaches sewing and embroidery classes.

I had the tremendous privilege of meeting her in person for the first time last week.  But before I get ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning.  A couple of months ago, I sent a letter to Gloria asking if she might be willing to donate any used sewing machines or supplies to the students served by The Urban Stitches Foundation.  She enthusiastically rose to the task and not only donated machines and supplies herself, but she also encouraged the readers of her newsletter to take action as well (can I link to the newsletter?), and the response is truly unbelievable!

When I arrived at the studio I was simply blown away by the friendly staff and how open and cheery the studio is.  It’s like a sewing machine candy store!  So many models to choose from as well as fabrics, books, notions, and more!  I could have lingered there forever, but I had to stay on task, so she guided me downstairs to see where the donated goodies were stored and I could not believe my eyes!

T o my amazement, not only did she collect at least fifteen sewing machines to donate, but she also had her equally awesome machine repairman give them the once over so they are cleaned, oiled and ready to go!  There were also bags and bags of practically everything related to sewing that you could think of!  There was so much there, I couldn’t even fit it all in the Honda!  I should have called for backup! 

I am truly moved by the Gloria, her staff and the generosity of everyone who gave of their time and resources.  I never could have imagined that so many of you would respond and I can’t wait to show you all of the projects our young ladies will be working on thanks to your help.


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