Sew Awesome!

I am EXTREMELY happy to report that The Urban Stitches Foundation is the grateful recipient of a $1000 grant awarded by Awesome Pittsburgh!  Yea!

Awesome Pittsburgh is a chapter of the Awesome Foundation, a global network of people devoted to “forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe”.  The Awesome Foundation grants money – with no strings attached – to people or groups with brilliant ideas. Chapters around the world fund new projects every month.

This grant money will make a HUGE difference for the students served by The Urban Stitches Foundation as we have been working diligently to scrape up enough funds for 10 new Babylock “Anna” sewing machines.  Even though we do have 10 used sewing machines that are in good working order, the challenge is that I find it much harder to teach, and much harder for the students to learn using 10 different brands and styles of machine, some of which are almost 50 years old.  The bonus of course is that the girls will feel a tremendous sense of joy and pride using brand new machines.

On January 31st, Awesome Pittsburgh held their one year anniversary party at the Ava Lounge in East Liberty and as one of the awardees, I was finally able to meet (and of course thank) some of the trustees in person, meet other awardees, and bask in the general awesomeness of the evening.  I even got an itsy bitsy little check that I could pin on my lapel!

You can read more about Awesome Pittsburgh on their website, can also check out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about the event here.


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